Monday, November 16, 2009

Oblivious and arrogant

He's gotten that raise
and he's fallen in love for the 50th time
things can't get better in his life

across town, a man is beating his wife
somewhere a serial killer's sharpening his knife

He raises a glass to the night

It's outside the window, trying to claw it's way in
It's on the other side of his tv screen
It's waiting on the exit he's never taken

Together for Thanksgiving dinner
he picked the fifth horse, a winner
he can't lose, everything's right

A terrorist's finger is on the button
and his best friends head is in the oven

He raises a glass to the night

the pink slip he handed away won't be dealt with again
and neither will his wife's unseen sin
it's waiting at the exit he's never taken

seeing things his way
things handed on a silver tray
he's raising a glass to the night

looking out a window
he's seeing a fire
not hearing that blind bum's painful desire

He says "salud" and turns to his wife
kisses her neck as he turns out the light
and raises a glass to the night

his quarterly earnings are in
and she's not thinking of him
this shit's the farthest thing from right

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