Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Useless Icon

Useless Icon--Rob Will

Editor's note: This is from the beginning of the fall, when I had things handled, shortly before everything else piled on and pushed me through the ice......

I cant' do this much more
Waiting for an answer to walk in the door
I'm like a life coach who has yet to live
yet, I have nothing left to give

Can't walk her through this fucking downpour
Because she may drown me

feel free to say I'm not what she needs
I can't fix the wounds as she bleeds
Cast your doubts and aspersions '
in a great pile on the floor

I'll pick em up later
When I have nothing left to do anymore

after the years
things shift and twist
but never change

Her blackened heart hurts
but I can't heal her pain

A useless Icon
sworn to protect
her soul and heart

while her irrational mind
wanders around in the dark

Oh, no, I can't do it much more.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BUCK PETS: Rares and Unreleased

I flew down to Dallas last weekend to see the reunited Buck Pets play at Trees in Deep Ellum. The place no longer has doors, because the beeps blew the fuckers straight off. A blistering set featuring the tight musicianship of the band was among the best live shows, if not THE, best live show I've ever seen.

Too bad you can't can, bottle, or box that energy. They lifted it up and set it down. A CD collection of unreleased Buck Pet material from over the years has just been issued and contains a ton of excellent and mostly unheard material.

Veteran Buck Pet Fans and newly converted will find it outstanding. Link to purchase is at right....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIGITAL DAB'LL DO YA: Antonio Estevan Huerta

It seems today's best straight up rock combines elements. Power pop, punkish edge, harmonies and melodies that have "feel". Especially vocal ones that elicit a reaction, maybe even a goose bump or two. Maybe there's a touch of blues or roots twang in there....

Antonio Estevan Huerta gets that in spades.

"Your Shrine" is a damn fantastic rock record. Huerta's got a fine voice and knack for lyrical artistry which he intertwines with some unpredictable mid-tempo rhythms.
Oh, and his band can play. These guys are for real.

"Feel" is important here. "Swept Again" will take you into THAT relationship. "Pigeons of your Paradise" is one of the strongest openers I've heard in some time. I dare you to listen to "Horses" without getting a strong vibe. Every song on this platter slams a good or bad emotion on the table.

Huerta is his own self. He cites inspirations as Alex Chilton, Thom Yorke, and the Buck Pets, but you will notice he takes these paths laid into his own direction.

"Your Shrine" is available on Itunes and Lala, and along with Mic the Tiger's debut, is among my strongest suggestions for download.....New music, pure, edgy, and honest.