Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Useless Icon

Useless Icon--Rob Will

Editor's note: This is from the beginning of the fall, when I had things handled, shortly before everything else piled on and pushed me through the ice......

I cant' do this much more
Waiting for an answer to walk in the door
I'm like a life coach who has yet to live
yet, I have nothing left to give

Can't walk her through this fucking downpour
Because she may drown me

feel free to say I'm not what she needs
I can't fix the wounds as she bleeds
Cast your doubts and aspersions '
in a great pile on the floor

I'll pick em up later
When I have nothing left to do anymore

after the years
things shift and twist
but never change

Her blackened heart hurts
but I can't heal her pain

A useless Icon
sworn to protect
her soul and heart

while her irrational mind
wanders around in the dark

Oh, no, I can't do it much more.....

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