Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, in the wake of my unfortunate back pain issues, I've decided to try to distract myself and further investigate my infamous "Robert Johnson" nightmare. See here: since this host won't let me insert a blog link, it's called "The Stones, Nightmares, and the Delta Blues", and can be found under "Nightmares" on my "What the hell I am talking about" side panel.

I have limited means to do this at the moment, as outside of his recordings there's not a whole lot of tangible information and documentation on Mr. Johnson.

Reading a companion booklet to the definitive "The Complete Robert Johnson", I did come across the fact that before they met, eventual Robert Johnson mentor, Son House, did some blues recordings with some other stalwarts in Paramount studios in Grafton Wisconsin.

According to Google Maps, said Grafton is about an hour straight east from here. I believe about 10 years ago, I applied for a job there once. Hmmm. This keeps getting slightly more interesting. I shall dig further.

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