Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Often, in my dreams, the place I work at is an amalgam of former locations of employment from the facilities on down to the co-workers.

Last night, not only was this true, but I found that upon starting my "dream state" work shift, that everyone that I love and respect, look up to, and even am friends with were now fellow grindstone-nosers. The problem was, they treated me like crap. A local radio personality I admire was on me "to get my shit together", my wife concurred. Several friends shook their heads at me in beleagured disappointment and disbelief.

It was hellish.

I was locked into some sort of paperwork maelstrom that was a quasi-vicious circle of getting nowhere, and I could get no help from anyone. When the people who MATTER to you, become the people you just TOLERATE because you work with them, where do you go from there?

That's a lonely damn thought.

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