Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Heroes: Perkins 14

"Perkins 14" is three different movies in one, really....

A.) A melodrama concerning a police officer dealing with the lingering misery of a son who was abducted some ten years ago, and damaged relationships with his philandering and ignored wife and rebellious daughter.

B.) A potential conspiracy/paranoia riff. Our hero cop believes, with little reason initally, an incarcerated speeder may have been the one who abducted his son, and 13 other children those many years ago.

C.) A bloodfest splatter flick, with the "Rio Bravo", "Night of the Living Dead", "Assault on Precinct 13" flavorings....It's well done...

Telling you anything at all, I risk giving away what are many surprises and twists and turns that make this one fun to watch....It's a slow burn initially, so it requires a patient viewer, but one who won't be dissatisfied with neither the drama or the gore.

Chris Singer directed this little flick with some skill, and snappy editing covers some uneven performances save for the absolutely heartbreaking turn by Michaela Mihut as a conflicted woman is both dedicated to her husband, and neglected by hurts to watch her hurt. Watch for her, she's good.

I initially was uncertain how I felt about it, especially after a cold-cock ending, but the versatility of the film from beginning to end had me thinking about it in a positive light for days afterward, despite "Perkins 14"'s tremendous darkness. No, Chris Singer is a director who wanted to make some noise with his first horror feature, and love it or hate it, "Perkins 14" does just that....

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