Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Heroes: Midnight Movie

This review is posted by my son, and pride and Joy Aidan Zeus Will

In recent years, as most people are aware of, there have been a slew of Slasher film remakes, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, to Friday The 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. most of these films, while often entertaining, are nothing remarkable or interesting. what perhaps the majority of general audiences aren't aware of are the original Slashers coming out since 2007, The new blood.

among these new murderers is Ted Radford, the antagonist of 'Midnight Movie', directed by Jack Messitt. This Man's intentions seem about the same as every other Slashers, kill the shit out an entourage of teenagers, showing the world who's boss. But he has a different way of executing it. Ted starts out as the director of an early 1970's horror flick "The Dark Beneath". this film is essentially Texas Chainsaw Massacre with different characters, but that's not important. this film (or perhaps Ted himself) has ambiguous supernatural powers. the origin or extent of these powers is not particularly clear, but they allow Radford to essentially control the entire Theater building at which its screening. Of course he himself enters the fray, donned in the outfit of his "The Dark Beneath" killer, with a primitive drill, that will be used for less than constructive things.

The characters are surprisingly believable, entertaining, and developing through out the duration of the story for a film like this, and a few you come to feel bad for as they are brutally destroyed by Ted. most of these are the usual teenagers, but you get a couple of detectives, a small child, and a biker couple. while it sounds uninteresting, the above-par writing forms almost all of these people into dynamic characters.

after viewing the film, it becomes apparent that this film needs, and deserves, a proper sequel, as we barely came to understand the character of Ted and his powers. this is sadly unlikely, as the film didn't receive much attention, but we can dream, and here's hoping Ted Radford somehow finds his way into the hall of always-remembered psychotic murdering heroes.

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