Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Heroes: Frozen

It's refreshing as hell, when I come across these "low volume" horror films....
A small cast, claustrophobic surroundings, snappy editing, and solid direction. This one, a tense thriller about three young people trapped 50 feet in the air on a ski-lift when the resort shuts down does remind one of "Open Water", but you forget that once it gets going.

Adam Green, who made a completely different kind of horror movie with the 80's homage, "Hatchet" is responsible for this, an edge of your seat flick, based on something that could actually happen.....this isn't a demon, a slasher, or some sort of apocalyptic outbreak that is the antagonist.

It's circumstances.

You can imagine yourself going through the nightmarish turns of events happening to the characters, and they're so well played by the principal actors, it's convincing throughout. Green hired the right people for this flick....

I'm impressed with Adam Green. I will mark him up there with Steven Mena, and Joe Lynch (incidentally the name of Shawn Ashmore's character in this flick) as young directors to watch. They are all capable of driving it right into your forehead, but none of them suffer from a lack of subtlety either.

"Frozen" is very good. Enjoy it if you can....

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