Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Heroes: Behind the Mask

This movie is kinked from the beginning. In two ways: It's a mock documentary, first and foremost, and when "shit goes down" it turns into a top notch slasher film. The second way is that it takes place in a universe where Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, et al are real and unapprehended serial killers who haunt their hometowns on an annual basis.

Leslie Vernon (played here with panache by Nathan Baesel), is an "up and comer", a slasher who is just trying to start his "career". A documentary film crew works with him, in an attempt to put his actions to film, and look into the whys and hows....there's a hamfisted allegory here about how the media not only glorifies the exploits of the sick and twisted, but also tends to take a step back and film as opposed to helping potential victims. Alas this movie is too much fun to get caught up in all of the social commentary.

As the doc unfolds, Vernon accumulates all the necessary pieces of the pie that after being baked is a completed hack and slash film. Virginal victim, dumbass horndog teenagers in a less-than-intelligent locale for ease of mutilation, and of course, an "Ahab".....a doctor/hero type in pursuit of this murderous individual...in this case, it's none other than Robert Englund.

There are twists aplenty, and a ton of real smart, solid humor mixed in that make this horror flick above the fray of the recent re-flooding of the slasher movie market. Give this one a go, it's way worth it....plus it has the best usage of the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" I think I've seen....

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