Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm tired of the contemporary being used to dictate opinion. Tired of words and actions being bent to back up the opposite of what they meant. MLK, I'm sorry if your words and actions were misrepresented today. In honor of MLK, I wrote this:

I am history
Use me as you will
take my figures and pieces
and run them through a still
drink up the aftermath
and spit it in your defense
of all your beliefs and stances
no matter the side of the fence.

I am history
many walked my paths
take their words and their acts
and twist them into a dance
that supports your righteous angle
no matter what it may be
misquote them way out of context
from sea to shining sea

Sometimes I repeat myself
and sometimes I am nondescript
sometimes I just unleash
and my pages aren’t unripped
so learn from me carefully
for I am oft rewritten
and don’t fall in love with my rules
or with hellfire you’ve been smitten

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