Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sinister is exactly that.

My Lady and I took a trek to the theatre last month with high, but reserved hopes for the new horror opus that had just hit screens entitled "Sinister".

Jaded and disappointed by the lackluster, cookie-cutter, over CGI-ed affairs that have passed for horror flicks in recent months, we were guarded.....

What we should have been was ready.

"Sinister" is horrifying from beginning to end.

I'm not just talking jump scares, I'm speaking of the very premise, atmosphere, use of shadow, the performances, successful (for once) non-repetitive use of the "found footage" formula, and the visuals added up to one scary flick.

Ethan Hawke, in a terrific performance is a cocky but stumbling True Crime author who has a tendency to get too close to his subjects, as proven by his track record on previous books.  He's investigating a missing girl, and the center of one of the most creepy horror film set-ups in years lies in his recently-purchased home, but connected to similar events dating back to the 60's and taking place across the country.

That's all I'm going to tell you, because I don't like to ruin things....let it happen, and unspool, don't read too much about this movie.

Do, though, go in with suspended disbelief, because people DO wander in the dark too much in this movie, and they DO have unrealistically poor hearing. That being said, this movie is a broken brake line roll down hill into some ugly territory.....


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