Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VINYL DESTINATION 7 and 1/2 :Buck Pets Addendum

From an interview with guitarist/vocalist Andy Thompson in "Flipside" by Karl Rumpf:

Andy: We spent four months doing that record. We were thinking that we want to get out of Dallas and we were thinking about moving to L.A. because our management is there and the record company was there. But after two months there we were kind of pulling our hair out cos we were staying right in West Hollywood. It was like, "Ahhhh. Stuck in freak land."

Karl: Wasn't Mercurotones originally going to be called Mercurochrome?

Andy: Yeah, originally it was. But it was like copyright infringement or trade mark, whatever.

Karl: Who was using it?

Andy: Well, Mercurochrome is an actual medicinal liquid. It's like iodine. We asked permission to use it and they said, "No."
We actually had the first pressing (a thousand or so) CD's and cassettes printed up with it.

My CD copy of "Mercurotones" actually says "Mercurochrome", until now, I always wondered why.

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