Sunday, September 6, 2009


I think a lot about history. The old west, biblical days, World War II, the 60's strife and of course, the eras of my youth, the 70's and 80's. History has been punctuated with colorful and indignant markers that spot the maps of time whether for good or bad.

This is a new feature, where I'll flash short thoughts on what I like to call "Dudes of the Past". Or Historical Cats I'd dig meeting. As the old witch on "Woody Woodpecker" used to say upon jumping onto her broom, "...And away we go!!!"

1. J. Edgar Hoover: The Man with all the info. According to pundits, long after his death, of course, this former founder and head of the FBI had files on everybody. Including you. (I don't care if you weren't born yet. ) There's a few things I'd like to ask him:

a. Who killed JFK? Just so I can do a press conference and get everybody to shut the hell up about it. It's been 40 damn years. Enough already. Concentrate on Lady Di.
b. Where's Jimmy Hoffa? With my car keys?
c. Was the moon landing faked? If so, why? It's the damn moon. We could take a freakin' cab there now, why are some people so worried about this?
d. Area 51, come on, Hoover, what's in there? Swine Flu? Ebola? Elvis?

2. Wyatt Earp: The modern era's poster boy for duality. He was known in some circles for standing up on the right side of the law, and in others as the Old West's version of "The Punisher". I'm sure he'd have plenty of stories to tell. I'm curious about whether or not Doc Holliday was really as tight with Kate Elder as history declares. Which one of you ol' gunslingers put that bullet in Johnny Ringo's forehead? And last, but definitely not least, why did you treat Maddie like such a prick, man? Couldn't you have let her down a little easier? Sheesh. And by the by, what did you think of Tom Mix weeping at your funeral?

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