Friday, August 28, 2009


It was just an arbitrary visit to the Kmart today. We're waiting for a prescription to be filled and browsing through the school supplies when I saw it. A folder, binder if you will, with those annoying Jonas Brothers emblazoned on it. It's not bad enough to have to stare at their pubescent faces again, but just below their picture were these words: "Let There Be Rock."

C'mon, you certainly didn't create Rock, let alone advance the science of it, and you've pilfered not only one of the great LP titles of all time, you've sullied the image associated with it. The dank blue image of what I feel is one of the best AC/DC, if not metal, records of all time. The album that debuted the AC/DC logo, the album that introduced "Whole Lotta Rosie". The album that was AC/DC saying, "Here we are, deal with us."

And you bubble gum, dime store Monkees, and that's an insult to the Monkees, come along an borrow it?


Let there be Retribution.

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