Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Absolution & Retribution from the wrong place

Cain carried in his cracked and
weather beaten hand
an Iris as beautiful as the falling sun
and the beach's twinkling sand

He gently showed the flower to some nearby little girls
with it's delicate brittle stems, it's leaves, and it's twirls

he then squeezed his hand tight
and blood flowed through his fingers and dripped

dripped down into the grass.....

Cain said to the little girls
this is what God does to all beauty

He bleeds it dry,
turning it into whores
and giving it manual duty

Cain then dropped the Iris and walked away
as the little girls laughed in their curious and naive way
they attempted to fix the mangled Iris
for the remainder of their misunderstood day

Cain walked chuckling
through a great and heavy door
Where a flick of the Morningstar's wing
slit his throat from neck to floor

From his knees
Cain gurgled and breathed his last
as Lucifer knelt down low

Putting his fingertips to his lips
he breathed....

"It's not yet for them to know."

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