Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kung Pao and Coca Cola

After an evening to a dining establishment my newly southern butt has never been to, this one being Pei-Wei Chinese, I made a couple of discoveries.

One is there's a lot of stuff I haven't tried. Frances, my fantastic sultry girl and muse, trying to culture me a bit, turned me on to some pretty good food that I really wasn't expecting to like.

Two is the Coca Cola Freestyle machine.


This thing is amazing. It seems like an appliance everyone should have...

Okay, that's a bit.....excessive, but still. The breathtaking love of my life that brought me to Pei Wei in the first place even enjoyed the beverage I selected, Mello Yello Peach, and she's not much of a soda drinker.

Mello Yello not your bag? Try Vanilla Sprite or Orange Coke. Seriously.

100 varieties plus are available in this thing.....

I don't post much about food or drink, but this device is pretty slick. You can even download a memory game app for your iPhone, or play the Freestyle game on line, and the site will let you know where to find a Freestyle machine near you.

Not exactly life changing, but I dig it. And yo, Chinese Food is pretty good too, if done right.

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