Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burning Bright: Another Low Volume addition.

Carlos Brooks directed this straight to DVD effort, another one of what I call "low volume" flicks....much like "Frozen" by Adam Green, it features a very small cast, limited special effects, and very few sets and locations. It's energy lies in it's suspense.

On screen dickhead du jour, Garret Dillahunt, (Krug in "Last House on the Left" and 2 psychotic roles in "Deadwood" as well as a nutjob in "The Road") decides to buy a tiger for a safari he's attempting to build on his Florida land. He's using money needed for lead actress Briana Evigan (who is fantastic here) to start her college career, and care for her autistic brother.

Through nasty circumstances, Evigan and the boy, Tom, are trapped in the house with the tiger, dubbed as "evil" by the man who sold it to Dillahunt. They're boarded in because a hurricane is hitting the gulf coast, and the house was battened up by laborers as the two slept.

Evigan is no scream queen. Her character is smart, resourceful, sympathetic, and emotionally-torn....she's a thrill to watch. The tiger is beautiful and terrifying, and suspense is palpable through the whole flick....

As a matter of fact, the sad circumstance involving Evigan and her need to care for her autistic brother with no help from her shitty stepfather shortly after the suicide of the pair's mother is so engrossing and believable, you almost forget for a bit that horror is on the horizon.

Low budget, high quality fare like this doesn't come along often, so if you're looking for lesser known and unique viewing experiences, this movie is a good one to search out.....

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