Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've seen a trend of laziness in film titling of late. For example, the powers that be at whatever studio is responsible for this monstrosity rejuvenated the Vin Diesel/Paul Walker franchise known as "The Fast and The Furious". What did they decided to call it?

"Fast and Furious." Come on. Remove the thes? That's the best you can do?

Now they are going to do another, I believe fourth, "Final Destination" film. The title: "The Final Destination."

So, now we know where one of the thes from "Fast and Furious" went, but what about the other one? I hope this doesn't continue.

What if they decided to get Clint Eastwood to don the garb of "The Man with No Name" one last time. What would they call that film? "Good,Bad, and Ugly"? Now you got 3 missing thes. Perhaps you could keep it in the family and have Eastwood direct a sequel to his own recent masterpiece, following the life of the young Hmong boy he befriended in the exciting Part 2: "The Gran Torino".

Still got two thes left, though. Hmmm.

"The Dirty Harry"? "Play the Misty for Me"?

I don't know. Perhaps there's a position in the film studios whose main focus is to name all the films in production? His job description?

"The Titler".

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