Monday, February 9, 2009

Celebrity Jibber Jabber.

In the wake of Sean Penn controversies, Gillian Anderson hubbub, and the days gone by Chris Jericho affair up in Canada, I've decided to write an open letter to the media monsters, stalkers, and obnoxiously obsessed fans on the matter of both celeb/fan interaction and the papparazzi.

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, in the parking lot after a match, hit a fan and it's causing an uproar. But in that ridiculously grainy footage some Cecil B. DeMented got with his handheld, can anyone see what was said, much less done, to Jericho as he was getting into his car?

I've heard the age-old argument, there's a price to be paid, and sacrifices to be made for being a celebrity. It's their load to carry for the fortune and fame. I agree. TO AN EXTENT.

Just because they are well known and rich does not give fans the right to stalk them, try to climb into a car with them, and it sure as hell does not give photographers an open invitation to perch in a tree outside their property and get a snapshot of them taking a crap.

Media hubbub isn't helping. We don't need to see footage of Joaquin Phoenix eating a french fry, Paris Hilton mumbling "that's hot" on a red carpet somewhere, and it's damn sure no ones business if Jessica Simpson gains 8 pounds.

Good God, people, do something for yourself. Maybe that thing you do will be accomplished enough for you to get famous yourself. Of course, then you'd probably punch yourself in the face for getting a shot of your own mug in the mirror.

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