Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween: The Horrors

Halloween: 10 non horror scary movies

1. "Paradise Lost"--Watching 3 teenagers being railroaded into life in prison or a lethal injection is terrifying....The West Memphis 3 had it happen to them by a biased and discriminatory legal system and community....but what happened to those little murdered boys is far worse, unfair, and disturbing....
2. "Idiocracy"--yeah, it's a wackadoo comedy written and directed by "Beavis and Butt Head" and "King of the Hill" vet Mike Judge, but just think....if the morons of the world continue to reproduce at the current "Jerry Springer" rate, and smart people don't have time for kids, how off the mark is it really?
3: "The Day After"--doesn't really hold up special effects wise, but the build up to the button being pushed is undeniably creepy and tense....and from my knowledge, being pretty well read on the fairly accurate.
4. "The Accused"--Another legal system gone amok movie, but the sequence where Jodie Foster is gang-attacked still haunts me to this day and I refuse to watch it again.....ever!
5. "Trekkies"--If you're a Star Trek fan, respect...really. But just like anything pop-culture wise you can be a fan of, some people take it to nausea-inducing levels of self-indulgence and hero-worship that exceeds even church-going zealotry.....There's also a few moments in "25 Years of Terror" where fans of the "Halloween" series are also show in much the same way.....these people give me the creeps.
6. "Dopamine"--a romantic comedy that poses the questions: what if love is just dopamine, and lust is just adrenaline....despite the saccharine ending, those questions posed by the move chilled me to the very marrow of my bones.....So it possessed me to ask my own question: Why are we doing this, then?
7. "Miracle Mile"--The last 15 minutes of this movie show humanity at it's absolute worst. Couldn't sleep for days afterwords....
8. "Midnight Express"--remind me to never, never, EVER, EVER try to smuggle heroin out of Turkey.
9. "The Guyana Tragedy"--humanity's lemming mentality at it's most pathetic and disturbing. Jesus Christ.
10. "Thirteen Days"--The Cuban Missile Crisis and how close we actually came....Goddamn eye opening.....