Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIGITAL DAB'LL DO YA: Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs

If you are a fan of fun horror movie theatrics, (you can't beat blood-stained white clothes and roller skates) raw-assed guitars, and ripping howl at the moon vocals,

this edition of "Digital Dab" is for you.

What I've come across, upon recommendation from a great friend, is a group who took the spirit of Alice Cooper, the Misfits, tossed in the added touch of "la femme" growl, and created a voracious beast,

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs...My 15 year old boy says they "bring it fuckin' old school".

They've released an EP available on Lala and Itunes, and a freshly minted version of "Cherry Bomb".

People, show your support for a true original in a couple of ways....

Visit, which has the all important Itunes link where you can vote for their cut of "Cherry Bomb" as held up against the original Runaways version and the cut from the upcoming movie about that classic band. (Bang Bangs is easily the best).

You can also vote for them to get a crack at making a record with Velvet Revolver's Slash, something they're truly worthy of at the same Scary Cherry Website.

The link to their website is to the right and up.....

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empire13b said...

Ya, i agree, their version is better. And i just saw they are playing at SXSW. I will have to go see them.